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Axis Labels


I need my axis labels to display only the highest value from the range.

I cant see any obvious way to do this. Can it be done?


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Re: Axis Labels


You can't chose to only show the highest value, but an alternative could be to show the highest and lowest values by giving them a certain color?

Expression Front End:

IF(Sum(Value) = Max(Total Aggr(Sum(Value),City)),Green(), // Highest Value

    IF(Sum(Value) = Min(Total Aggr(Sum(Value),City)),Red() // Lowest Value

        ,LightGray())) // In between bars     

What that looks like:


It might be possible with an extension, but I haven't looked around for that.

Edit: If you are using this to present further later and want to only show it then you can do it in the Stories and there use the highlight highest value. But if it is for front-end and dynamic Qlik Sense app use then no.


Ali A