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BCG matrix in Qlik Sense

I created a BCG Matrix (Boston Consultancy Group) in Qlik Sense using a scatter plot. In this scatter plot I use the profitability on the x-axis and the portfolio growth (CAGR) as y-axis. Using 2 reference lines I created the 4 quadrants in which I plotted our global vendors as dimension. Both profitability and portfolio growth are calculated like:



num(pow((sum({<Period = {'2020 PIT'}>}Portfolio_Retail_EOP)/sum({<Period = {'2017 PIT'}>}Portfolio_Retail_EOP)),(1/3))-1,'#,##0.00%')

This all looks fine.

What I also want to add is how much of out total portfolio (aggregated on global vendor) belongs to each quadrant of the matrix. I wanted to add that as 4 separate KPI's. My issue is that the aggregation that is done in the scatter plot doesn't work in the KPI's. So the calculated % of portfolio is based on the lowest level of data and not on the aggregated level shown in the scatter plot.

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Re: BCG matrix in Qlik Sense

that should work using an expression with aggr:

look at the answer in this post Aggr() function

something like:

sum(aggr(if(yourMeasure>your%number1 and yourMeasure2>your%number2,1,0),globalVendor)

-->to calculate the # of global vendors in your up up quadrant

ps: i tend to invert aggregation functions in AGGR expressions. so it may only be an approximate answer

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Re: BCG matrix in Qlik Sense

Hi Mikael, thanks for your reply, that works for me!

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