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Contributor II
Contributor II

BOXPLOT limit days


I want to represent the last 6 days of data as a boxplot but I'm having dificulties.

I don't know exactly where should I enter the expression.

So I have as Box field City,  as X-AXIS the Date and on the measure the averge of sales(avg sales).

Normally if no data/interval of data is selected I would show the last 6 days. If I put on the X-AXIS the expresion my boxplot breaks and I get "the chart is not displayed because it contains only undefined values"

Expression the X-AXIS  for the last 6 days

=IF(GetSelectedCount(DateAll)>0, Date(DateAll,'DD-MMM'),
if(DateAll<='$(=YESTERDAY)' and DateAll>='$(=YESTERDAY-6)',Date(DateAll,'DD-MMM')))

What am I missing here? AmI suppose to use an agg on the avg(sales) ?

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