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Bar Chart

Hi im new in Qlik Sense

I have 2 questions here :

1) How can I make my bar chart looks thinner or in other words, change the size of bar ?

2) In my bar chart, I have 2 measure , crude daily and crude plan/target.

If crude daily > crude plan, the bar for crude daily is green otherwise red, what is exact in my expression since i have 2 measures.

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Re: Bar Chart

1. It is not possible with default Bar chart.

You can try other extensions for this.

2. This you can try in Color by Expression. but I doubt it is possible when you are using 2 Measures

You can try Using Valuelist() for 2 Measures and then apply condition coloring for 1 Measure and normal color for other

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Re: Bar Chart

Can you make a simple for me?