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Bar chart for Fiscal Year

Hello, good afternoon!

I was having trouble drawing two temporary bar charts.

The following is the table that I must show in the two graphs.


Before starting, it is important to clarify that I have the following filter pane: YEAR, MONTH and DAY. Both YEAR and MONTH are extensions of filter pane where I can always mark a selected value by default.

I pass them how the two graphs should look based on the selection of YEAR = 2018 and MONTH = jan.

Total FY.png   

FY 2018 vs FY 2017.png

It is important to clarify, that I have more FY in the original base, which did not happen because it is large. So I enclose the table with the format of dates that I am using.

FY 20172016jul 2016jul
FY 20172016aug 2016aug
FY 20172016sep 2016sep
FY 20172016oct 2016oct
FY 20172016nov 2016nov
FY 20172016dec 2016dec
FY 20172017jan 2017jan
FY 20172017feb 2017feb
FY 20172017mar 2017mar
FY 20172017apr 2017apr
FY 20172017may 2017may
FY 20172017jun 2017jun
FY 20182017jul 2017jul
FY 20182017aug 2017aug
FY 20182017sep 2017sep
FY 20182017oct 2017oct
FY 20182017nov 2017nov
FY 20182017dec 2017dic
FY 20182018jan 2018jan
FY 20182018feb 2018feb
FY 20182018mar 2018mar
FY 20182018apr 2018apr
FY 20182018may 2018may
FY 20182018jun 2018jun

I already appreciate any kind of help you can give me.



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Re: Bar chart for Fiscal Year

Check out VizLib their charts are so simple I am sure they'll help you with this.

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Re: Bar chart for Fiscal Year

Thanks but what I need I can get it for the graphics that Qlik Sense brings. The problem that I have goes through the analysis set ...

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Re: Bar chart for Fiscal Year


so you are asking how to create more measures, each showing only one fiscal year?

use it like this Sum({$<FISCAL_YEAR={'FY 2017'}>}Sales) and of course just change FY year name

And if you select some month than you want to see sum of sales for months before and including selected month? In your exemple you claim selection of year 2018 in field YEAR_DATE AND jan in field MONTH_DATE? If yes than, I do not understand logic of displaying your charts. I would expect output only 233 for only FY 2018. Could you please clarify?

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