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Bar chart in qlik sense

hi all,

suppose i have 10 suppliers as dimension, their rownum in filter pane,

if i select rownum 5 in filter pane, i am getting only the bar related to that 5 num supplier

what i should get is , when i select 5 , i should get suppliers 1,2,3,4,5, in bar chart

please help me

thank u

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Re: Bar chart in qlik sense

What you are doing through Qlik Associative model is selecting Supplier 5 which is correct functionality.

To get what you want you need to do 2 things

1. Add some set analysis to your measure in your chart  to find the max selectable rowrum of the supplier.  Something like  rownum={"<=MAX($(rownum))"}

2. On your dimension in your chart tick exclude null value then you should be ok.

Hope this helps



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Re: Bar chart in qlik sense

Hi andy,

Thank you for the reply, its not working.

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Re: Bar chart in qlik sense


In order to to that you should modify your filter pane expression.

Try something like: if(id >= 1 and id <= 5, 'TOP 5')

Before selection:


After selection:


I hope it helps,


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Re: Bar chart in qlik sense

Hi Estela,

Not exactly five, if i select 5 it should shoe me upto 5, if select 7, then it should display me 7, if I un filter all selections , the chart should be as it is.

thank you