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Bar graphs: Using continuous scale and specifying bar width

Hi All, 


I am using a bar graph as an hour by hour chart.  I want to show the sum of two measures at each hour of the day.  It was a struggle to get a proper x-axis and I ended up using the continuous scale setting so that I could create a pretty axis.  Everything looks great except for the width of the bars. The bars are very thin and I would like them to be wider so they look better for the user.  I know that there is a setting under Presentation>Styling>Bar Width but that option is not there for me; I can only change outline width.  I have attached a picture of the graph and the settings I am using.  

I would preferably like to find a way to set the width of the bars to a certain size or even have it change dynamically as I select smaller and smaller date ranges. Either option would be a better looking visualization.  Is there a script one can write to specify bar width on a visualization? Is there an extension that I can use a continuous scale and get thicker bars? Other options out there? Has anyone heard of displaying an hour by hour chart in a better way using another kind of chart? 

Thank you so so much in advance! Hoping someone can help out! 🙂 









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Creator II
Creator II

Try changing the  X-axis properties in Appearance




just uncheck Use Continuous Scale checkbox


I'm also in the OP's situation--I'd like to use a continuous X-axis scale but my bars are being rendered as thin slivers.  The example screenshot above still uses a discrete (vs. continuous) axis...it's set for "Auto" not continuous. The "number of bars" option doesn't appear unless it's in discrete mode.

So... also really looking for a "set bar width" style setting but not finding it...?