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Beginner Coding

I am very new to Qlik Sense. I managed to create apps and do the visualization stuff with the charts and tables etc... Now I want to try to learn the coding language to be able to write formulas and do calculations with user input. I already know VBA Excel and a little bit of C++ and I was wondering if Qlik Sense can do the same as those two.

Please advise

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Re: Beginner Coding

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Re: Beginner Coding

Hi Akl,

To begin with, I would recommend that you learn the basics Qlik Sense  Home ‒ Qlik Sense‌. A good addition will be the following books:

1. Learning Qlik® Sense. The Official Guide. Authors Christopher Ilacqua, Henric Cronström, James Richardson (first published: February 2015).

2. Qlik Sense® Cookbook. Authors Philip Hand, Neeraj Kharpate (first published: November 2015).

Although the books are written on the basis of older versions Qlik Sense, they contain many useful ideas applicable to any versions of Qlik Sense.

Then, your practice will show which areas you need to study further.



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