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Best Book or Learning Resource

I was looking to expand my Qlik Sense knowledge. I'm currently using Enterprise 3.0 , but hoping to convince them to update to one of the recent releases. I saw 2 books that looked interesting, and was considering purchasing one of them. They are Qlik Sense Cookbook - Second Edition and Mastering Qlik Sense both released this year, however Mastering Qlik Sense is a couple hundred pages larger. Being larger I'm leaning towards Mastering Qlik Sense, however I also know having more pages doesn't necessarily mean there's really more information. So wondering if anyone else has any insights on these or even better alternatives? I know Packt has learning path that combines a few of their books, which the predictive analytic part looked really interesting however it and some of the parts seem really dated, being released in 2015. Thanks everyone in advance and lets what suggestions you have!

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