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Contributor II
Contributor II

Best way to create reports and have comments in Qlik Sense

Dear all,

I developed a few applications now and some of them shall substitute existing excel reports. However, a lot of people would love to comment on charts or views and also print them as pdf / powerpoint. I have looked into several possibilities like storytelling and bookmarks. As I am working for a pretty large company, getting an extension like vizlib collaboration is not so easy and takes months if not even a year or so.

So I thought asking the community for best practices would be good. To be precise - i have two requests:

        1) what is the best way to have flexible comments (reacting to the parameters / selections) on the dashboard

                 -->I can load commnents from a table, but there is absolutly no formatting then

         2) What is the best way to create powerpoint / pdfs reports out of qlik sense(pixel perfect).

From my perspective both points could be handled with storytelling if I could somehow bring not the whole dashboard to a slide in the storytelling but I only a certain chart. If I could then somehow configure this chart to always show certain parameters, this would perfect. A snapshot is unfortunatly a pretty manual thing and always needs to be changed, when the report is due.

In short - I want certain charts  (and not the whole dashboard) automatically in the storytelling and always with a predefined parameterisation. Is that somewho possible via scripting or by other ways?

I think embedded charts could be a way - can I somehow embed a chart into story telling?

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