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Contributor III
Contributor III

Best way to create summary data from several existing tables

Hi, during the data load i would like to create a new field based on various user attributes, for example

Table 1
UserID, Role
UserA, Admin
UserA, User
UserB, User
UserC, Admin
UserC, DBA
UserC, User

Table 2

UserID, Class
UserA, Base
UserB, Super
UserC, Super

What i would like to do is create the following additional table

UserID, Priority

Where the Priority is 1, if the total number of User Entries (regardless of role) in table 1 is > 0 AND the Table2 Class is Super, 

if not, then if the User Entries table 1 > 0 but class is not super, then set priority to 2, if not then set entry to 3.


Whats the best way to accomplish something like this, the ultimate goal to have a priority assigned to each user  based on the data in table 1 and 2 for that user.


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