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Binary Load Data Management

Hi All,

I would like to know if it possible to manage the data. I mean, for example I have  a QlikView application with the size of 15GB which I want to use as a source and develop related KPI's in QlikSense, but I don't want all the data or fields that are available in the QlikView application and so I would like to fetch only the required field's data into the qliksense. If I do a Binary load, I will be getting all the data which may take up the server resources to load all the data. So, is there a way I can only load the required data from QlikView as a source?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Binary Load Data Management

You can drop all the tables and fields not required after a binary load. it may still be quicker than loading from a bunch of qvds (which is the other option). If your ETL process or the loader for your 15GB application drop qvds for the relevant tables, you could (if designed right) be performing optimised loads from the QVDs, which will also be fast.

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Re: Binary Load Data Management

Drop Tables, Drop Fields are the usual practice for reducing the size of binary load QVW.