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Contributor II

Binary Load

Hello everyone,  right now, we have been loading 3yrs of data in Qlik Sense Enterprise. The data loading is dynamic. Now, I am tasked to change the script into removing its limitation of data loading. Therefore, we must be able to load the data without limiting the number of years to be loaded. I have been searching tutorials but none of it perfectly helps, I only get to have an idea on where the limitation in the script takes place (I will place the screenshot here). However, upon reviewing the data load editor, I can't see the script that I was hoping to manipulate. What I see is only the "Binary Load" thing and "section access" as well as "Main". I tried to look into the QMC/Tasks and download the script from there to see the script used to load the data. I saw the script and I was hoping to manipulate it but I don't know where to manipulate it. Any help or guide there? Hopeful for your answers.  Thank you!

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Creator II
Creator II

The Binary Load shows you the APP ID from which your app loads the data model.

Open that app and access the script editor. There you can change your START_DATE variable.

From your screenshot I assume it's the app that is connected to the QMC Task 02Extract_Transaction


The Script you've downloaded is just a logfile.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello, yes I am aware that the file I downloaded was just a log file. And regarding the script editor, I looked at the data load editor but I cannot find any script that I may manipulate there, all I see is that "Binary Load" thing.