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Blank Values to 0 in a Pivot


I have created a table and pivot and both use the same measure. Why in my table do I get '0' values, yet in my pivot, I get '-' values? 

Is there anyway to change the pivot from '-' to '0' please? 

I have tried various things on the forum, but nothing works and wondered if there are other idea floating around to help.

My calculation is a simple: sum(sale)

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Hi Thomas!

The only way I did found to show zeros in Pivot tables was to add rows with zeros (ie: sale=0) for each combination of dimensions (ie: customer, region, etc.) that not exists in data model.

Regards, Fernando

Specialist II
Specialist II

Try this expression: sum(alt(sale,0))

Creator II
Creator II

Might as well move alt(sale,0) to load script.. to keep it consistent.