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Bookmarks in QlikSense

Bookmark in Qliksense will disappear after data reload?

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Re: Bookmarks in QlikSense

Absoluttely not. They will be keeped into your app till you delete them.

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Re: Bookmarks in QlikSense

Agreed.  A reload does not remove them.  Now if you remove or change one of the fields that the bookmark is using you would break it. 

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Re: Bookmarks in QlikSense

Thanks you guys for your replies. My bookmarks suddenly disappeared. It may be other issue then.

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Re: Bookmarks in QlikSense


your app is on server or desktop?

if the app is on server, becarefull when you publish apps, you do check "replace existing apps" .

if you delete app and push the new app, you clean bookmarks, personnal sheet,...