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Contributor II

Bookmarks not visible to other users

Hi All,

For creation and sharing a bookmark, we have followed following steps, on the published application.

1. created a new sheet and added some of the filters

2. Added a bookmark

3. Published the sheet

When other users tried to check the same, they were not able to find the bookmark, even though the sheet was published.

If I check in QMC, its showing, sheet status as 'Published' but 'Not Approved'.

Can anyone pleas assist me on same.

How we can share the bookmark in QlikSense.



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Bookmarks not visible to other users

Bookmarks are not part of a sheet. So publishing a sheet won't do anything with bookmarks. Afaik you can't publish a bookmark like you can with a sheet. You can create stories and publish those.

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Contributor II

Re: Bookmarks not visible to other users

then how we can share bookmarks.

Whether we will have to create stories for same.

Honored Contributor II

Re: Bookmarks not visible to other users

The Stories will contain snapshots of your data based on your current selections.  If you want to share standard boookmarks you need to add them to the base app and then publish this to your stream.  It will then contain a base bokmark anyone can use but you have be the app owner to do this.