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Box Plot Elements

Good afternoon,

I have a question regarding box plots.

As a fact the whiskers and hinges in Qlik are calculated with a different logic than Tableau.

I'm trying to get the box plot for a median of measure detailed by bill number.

I need the values to be corresponding, so I'm manually changing the box plot elements for Qlik interpreting the formulas for Tableau logic.

It works perfectly for everything except for the last wisker. In Tableau it is at point 217 and showing two outliers in 247 and 266.

And in Qlik it ends up in 266 not showing the outliers.

I need Qlik version to be corespondant to Tableau.

In Tableau the formula is the following:


IF MEDIAN([Measure]) < [Upper Hinge] + 1.5*[Upper Hinge-Lower Hinge] OR MEDIAN([Measure]) = [Upper Hinge]

THEN MEDIAN([Measure])



The formula that was adapted for Qlik is:

=max({<[Aggr(median(Measure),Bill_Num)]={"[Box_end]"}>+<[Aggr(median(Measure),Bill_Num)]={"<[Box_end+1.5*(Box_end-Box_start)]"}>} Aggr(median(Measure),Bill_Num))

It seems like max() function is the issue.

Please, help me find the fix for it.

Thank you in advance.

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