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Bug Where Exists (2.0.2)

I get 0 rows if I load a master calender with a script and then try to load a qvd with Where Exists(date_key). It works in Qlik Sense Desktop but not on Qlik Sense Server. No rows are loaded.

If I add an inline table with some random dates between the master calender and qvd load it works. Why is that?

This is what the code looks like

Call Calendar(params);









WHERE Exists(date_key)




FROM [lib]


WHERE Exists(date_key);

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Re: Bug Where Exists (2.0.2)

Have you reported it to support?

Edit: Just in case, Qlik Support - Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Software Solutions | Qlik


Re: Bug Where Exists (2.0.2)

Have you checked if it's the same data format?

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Re: Bug Where Exists (2.0.2)

Is there a way to check what format they are in Qlik Sense?

When I inspect the field in the data model viewer it says $date on both fields if I load the separately. And the sample data showing is in 'YYYY-MM-DD'.

From the load script

SET DateFormat='YYYY-MM-DD';

This how the date_key is generated in the Calendar function

Date($(startDate) + IterNo() - 1) as date_key

And the QVD is loaded from a SQL Database with this date format 'YYYY-MM-DD'

If I load the QVD without the Exists I can select on fields of the Calendar, so the fields seem to join fine.

I will report this to the support on Monday.

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Re: Bug Where Exists (2.0.2)

Awesome, thanks!

Lots of time bugs are found and posted onto Community but if they aren't reported to support we have no way of funneling them back into R&D to be fixed.

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Re: Bug Where Exists (2.0.2)

Can't report to support. There is no Create New case button. Any clues? I have an active license.

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Re: Bug Where Exists (2.0.2)

Seems to only apply to number or date fields. I have another field with order_key that doesn't work with either. But if the key is a string then it seems to work.

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Re: Bug Where Exists (2.0.2)

Hi Karl,

  I'm using 2.1 and also noted a different behavior between desktop and server whith   the EXISTS clause. In some cases the workaround  for this problem was use the LEFT KEEP prefix, so removing the records after load.

   Could not have time to stop and figure out what is going on but your issue show me a clue, to create a test case and open a support case.

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