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Building an advanced mashup

Hi all,

I've built a Angular website that communicates with a sense app using the engine API.  I used bower and yeoman. I started with a 'yo angular' command and built from there.

As good as Google Charts are, using Sense's chart objects offers a number of advantages, and I want to use them now.

The mashup editor uses Sense's charts, but it imposes a very particular structure that doesn't fit with what I've developed.  I haven't used requirejs with my existing solution, and ideally, I'd reference a javascript file and a CSS file, and I'd have sense charts, but it's evidently not that simple.

Has anybody done such a thing? Does anybody have any tips for progressing?



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Re: Building an advanced mashup

Dear Shane,

I'm also trying to implement a similar integration. Our project is built upon Angular and requirejs as well, but currently it seems like we can only reference the minified qlik's JS file as a whole and not its individual components. This means that we end up having 2 colliding angular libs in one project. Did you manage to get anywhere further with that?

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Re: Building an advanced mashup

Hi Hernan,

I've not been at work for a few days, so haven't spent much more time on it, but I'm looking at it now.

I've managed to use only the sense version of angular, and I've sorted out the various (requirejs) errors I was getting, but can't get the angular routing to work.)

I'll keep investigating it, but it's a shame that there isn't a bower component for sense charts

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Re: Building an advanced mashup

Did you ever get this fixed? Hard to help without any further information.