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Bundling Qlik for Reposting

I have search for a way to auto post files from a bundle, but no success.

My boss wants to have a simple way to transfer files from my Qlik Sense Desktop to his, that would include all additions of Extensions and Widgets I create.

I created a ZIP of a directory I made and copied the QVF file and the Extensions folder, then gave him these instructions:

  1. Extract the zip file somewhere
  2. Copy the Entire Folder called "Qlik" to: C:\Users\username\Documents\
  3. Let it overwrite the directory folder. There is no harm as it only is adding files, not replacing.

BUT, I think he was something more automated.


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Re: Bundling Qlik for Reposting

Maybe try a simple cmd command file.

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Re: Bundling Qlik for Reposting


if you're on the same network you could share your Qlik folder with him and create a batch file that just copies the file from you share to your boss documents folder, e.g. (i wrote those without testing so try them out first):

xcopy \\YOURPC\SharedFiles\Qlik\Apps\* C:\Users\boss\Documents\Qlik\Apps /s /y /i /r

xcopy \\YOURPC\SharedFiles\Qlik\Extensions\* C:\Users\boss\Documents\Qlik\Extensions /s /y /i /r


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Re: Bundling Qlik for Reposting

Thanks Mathias.

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