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CDF (cumulative distribution function) Graph

Hello everyone,

I am very new to Qlik Sense and I am looking for a way to create a graph based on a CDF function.

I know how to do it in Excel :-) but I am not sure if I could apply the same principle here.

For example in Excel I would create a pivot table to individually list all the values. Then I would create a "percentile" formula from 0 to 100 over the data set. In the end I am looking to get something like in the chart below:


Any help where and how to start would be very appreciated. In the meantime I continue my search :-)



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Re: CDF (cumulative distribution function) Graph

Hello. For the ones interested I managed to find a solution. In a Line Chart use the following formulas:


=if(Field1='Filter1' AND Field2='Filter2' AND Field3='Filter3', Class([Field5]],1))

Where Field1, Field2 and Field3 are filters (if you need to filter to a specific dataset), and Field5 is the data I want represented.

The value after comma in the Class function gives you the width/interval of the Class. Meaning that depending on your dataset if you want narrower ranges, you need to change this value. Or if you want a smoother representation in the Appearance section go to X-Axis and change the "Continuous" option to "Custom" and choose "Use continuous scale". Depending on how much data you have, it will take now (in comparison to the non continuous option) longer to calculate the chart.

Unfortunatelly the X-Axis Range cannot be manually formated, but it can be manipulated a bit by the filters you use here. Meaning, that if you only represent a portion of your dataset, you could use filters here to filter out data that has a different MAX value that will then be represented on your X-Axis.


=RangeSum(Above(Count({<[Field1]={"Filter1"}, [Field2]={"Filter2"}, [Field3]={"Filter3"}, [Field4]={"Filter4"}>} [Field5]]),0,RowNo(TOTAL))) / Count({<[Field1]={"Filter1"}, [Field2]={"Filter2"}, [Field3]={"Filter3"}, [Field4]={"Filter4"}>} TOTAL [Field5]])

More, under Measures I formated the number as Simple / Percentage and you should set the Range under Appearance / Y-Axis to "Custom" -> Min/Max -> 0 to 1.

Cheers Daniel

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