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Calculate Measue By Selected Value in Filter Pane

is it Possible to set Measure Column By value from selected value in Filter Pane?

For Example, I have Customer Table with the columns are: Customer Name, Expense, & Income. Also I have Finance Table which has columns Expense and Income. So when I choose Expense in Filter Pane Finance Table, my Line chart will calculate Sum(Expense) of the customers. If I choose Income, it'll be Sum(Income) of the customers.

Thanks before for your help. I'm still newbie in QlikSense


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Contributor II
Contributor II

Could you confirm, if I have correct understanding of problem statement 

Depending on selection made for dimension field (used in filter pane), measure value in line chart should be adjusted. Possible values of dimension field are as following

a. Expense

b. Income

If yes, please try using below expression


If not, please share more detail.