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Contributor III
Contributor III

Calculate delay et average in set analysis


i have a question that i can't resolve by myself  after time... thanks for helping

I have a table of command & delivrey like this : extract for one "code-fournisseur"


I would like a table group by code fournisseur like This

Code-founisseurMax delaiMin delaiAverageMedian
510 - PROMONET PROMED337210724


I try many solution but it doesent work  . 

Can you please help me for this ?

Thanks a lot 


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HI @francois_974 

Try like below

Max: Max(Aggr(Urexpression, Code-founisseur))

Min: Min(Aggr(Urexpression, Code-founisseur))

Avg(Aggr(Urexpression, Code-founisseur))

Median(Aggr(Urexpression, Code-founisseur))

Can you say u expression or sample data?

Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R
Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello @MayilVahanan 

Thank you  . i don't understand how to do that. 

In my tableau(picture)

the calculate field "max delai" is based on 'No cde (ec)' and "Max(dateRecep)-DateCommande"

When i try to apply it like your proposal : 

Max(Aggr(Max(dateRecep)-DateCommande, Code-founisseur))

it don't works, and i try this to:

Max(Aggr(Max(DateRecep)-DateCommande,[Nb lig Cde (lc)],[Code - fournisseurs(fr)]))

it dont works anymore?

i don't understand what you mean : "Can you say u expression or sample data?"

Thank you to take time for my case