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Calculate difference between two dates from JIRA Connector data, in rows of the History table

Hi All,

We are using Qlik Sense with a QV Sources JIRA connector. The data is loaded from the history table of JIRA which returns the dates in each row of the table in the following format - 2015-01-01T12:21:31.231+5:30. Also there is other information about the tickets of JIRA like their stages, owners etc.

Now, we need to calculate the avergae time any record stays in a particular stage for which i need to manipulate data from two rows based on a particular condition. In QLik Sense, I am trying to create a dimension that has the espression to calculate this average. But when I populate it on a visualization object it displays error 'Invalid Dimension'. I tried creating a drill down dimension which allows two fields to be used in a dimension but then only the field is shown on the visualization and not the result from the expression.

I am using the following expression: -

if(History_items_fromString = 'somestring',if(History_

items_fromString = 'somestring',interval(only({<progress = {deployed}>} time(History_created,'h:mm:ss')) - only({<progress = {started}>} time(History_created,'h:mm:ss')))))

Most of the posts I have seen addreses this concern in QLikView where an expression is allowed as a dimension

Kindly help in how can this be achieved in QlikSense.


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Creator II

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