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Calculate quarters depending selected month

Hello all,

I want to calculate  my quarters into my table measures depending on the selected month into my app, I'm using the next function in for the first Quarter:

if(Month > '3',Sum({$< Year={$(=Max(Year))} ,Month = {$(=Month(Date#(Max(Month)-2, 'M'))),$(=Month(Date#(Max(Month)-1, 'M'))),$(=Month(Date#(Max(Month), 'M')))}>} [CantidadVen]), if(Month <='3', Sum({$< Year={$(=Max(Year)-1)} ,Month = {$(=Month(Date#(Max(Month)+10, 'M'))),$(=Month(Date#(Max(Month)+11, 'M')))},Year={$(=Max(Year))},Month = {$(=Month(Date#(Min(Month), 'M')))}>} [CantidadVen]),0 ) )

But this not getting to me the result what im looking for.

Someone did calculate Quarters depneding on the selected month  before?

I will apprecciate alot your help. Regards.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

why dont you extract the quarters in the load script itself.

it can be done like :



Hello i already tried this,

But load this into the script only will give me static Quarters(Jan-Marc,Apr-Jun,Jul-Sep,Oct-Dec) i want dynamic quarters like, if i select january into the months the first quarter should be (Jan2020-Nov2019) and before.



Specialist II
Specialist II

hows your Financial year defined?

Does nov 2019 - jan2020 mean Quarter 1 for you?


Not really

Let me me give you an example, the final user select april 2019, so my frist quarter should be (Apr2019-Feb2019) the next quarter(Jan2019-Nov2018) next one (Oct2018-Aug2018) and the last one (Jul2018-May2018) but the final user want to change the selected month to January 2020, so the period should change, the first quarter should be (Jan2020-Nov2019) and etc.