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Calculate stage memory consumption

I don't understand what’s going on in Qlik
I have autogenerated app:
Data Table: 100 000 000 rows in fact table
10 000 unique SKU
250 unique Dates
1 000 000 unique Sales valuesCalendar Table:
2 500 rows
250 Dates
10 CalendarDates

App uses 700 MB

When we calculate TableChart:
1.    SKU, Date, Sum(Sales) - Memory usage grows to 4 GB (3.3 GB additional). Final table has 2.5mln cells so it’s about 1 300 bytes per cell.
2.    SKU, CaledarDates, Sum(Sales) - Memory usage grows only to 830-870MB (130 MB additional). Final table has 100 000 cells ~ 1300 bytes per cell

When one calculates 2 variant he needs calculate 1 variant first. But memory consumption does not reflect that.Is there any thoughts about what is going under the hood: joins, Hashtables etc, and why memory consumption is so huge in 1 variant in absolute value (4+х grows) and huge (1 300 byte per cell in final tablechart) in both variants.

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Re: Calculate stage memory consumption

Here is app without data (need to reload)