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Calculating Total based on some colums rather than all columns on UI

I am using star Schema model , with all the fields  on UI in different

dimension table



Filter drop down -visit name
Filter drop down -SP
Filter drop down -Protocol

I have 3 columns on UI -Protocol,visit_name,SP
i need to calculate two measures

Measure 1- Calculate total Patient count , based on protocol & SP

Measure 2- Calculate total Patient count , based on protocol & SP & visit name -This is easier as all 3 columns are on UI

Challenge is Calculate total count for measure 1 which is based on two columns

If i write set expression and use total formula ignoring visit name columns then on top of page I have 3 filters it ignores the filter i made for visit as well

expr-count({<visit_name>} distinct total <Protocol,SP> Patient)
But because of this expr my filters selection made in visit doesn't show filtered data on grid.

Protocol visit_name SP Patient calculate count=>no_of_Patients- based on  SP & Protocol) count =>no_of_Patients-no_of_Patients based on-> SP & visit & Protocol
11 wk1 Malaria A 5 2
11 wk2 Malaria A 5 1
12 wk5 Malaria B 5 1
11 wk1 Malaria A 5 2
11 Wk3 Malaria A 5 1
11 Wk1 Dengue A 1 1
12 wk5 Dengue B 1 1



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