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Calculating the average of number occur per workdays.



I need some help if any can help me out how to write the formula here.

So i have a simple 3 columns excel to be import into Qlik Sense.

My column 1 is the Month/Date/Year

My column 2 is sum of count for each Month/Date/Year.

I want my column 3 to do the following.

The average count of column 2 based on workdays. For example, on 6/1/2019, i have total sum of 1078 counts. In June 2019 - there is 20 working days. So it would be 1078/20 = 53.9

Then for 5/1/2019, i have 1242 counts. Working month for 5/1/2019 would be 22 workdays = 1242/22 = 56.4545

So each month will calculate what their workdays are divided by the sum of count on column 2.

How do i do this?




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NetWorkDays() - for example:

=Sum(<count field>) / NetWorkDays(MonthStart(<date field>), MontheEnd(<date field>))

(replace the placeholders with the correct field names)

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