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Contributor III
Contributor III

Calculating total from cocatenated data

Hi, I've stumbled across a problem where I feel like there should be an easy fix but I haven't found it. And all the other solutions I can think of requires data modelling, which I wouldn't like to do. Hope you guys at the forum cna give me some suggestions.

Consider we have 4 fields, with 2 different kind of information. 

  • Reject Code - Describes the reject (Rejection data)
  • Total Delivered - Delivered (Deliver data)
  • Reject Quantity - Amount of Rejects (Rejection data)
  • Rejection Rate - Reject Quantity / Delivered (Calculated field)

In the data model Rejection data and Deliver data is separate facts, which means we have concatenated them under each other. We have deliveries without rejection and a lot more information about the rejection which is not relevant for the deliveries. Therefore we haven't merged them. But it still make sense to be able to calculate and show in a table or diagram the Rejection rate for a dimension describing the rejects, e.g. Reject Code. For 04 it should be 661/24 000 000. Right now we are only able to compare rejections to them selves, e.g. for 04 it would be 661 / 1 816 290. The total in the header of the table is calculated correctly but I would like to ahve it for each Reject Code

One solution would be to make Qlik calculate the Total Delivered from Deliver data and then make it somehow a separate number not connected to it's place in the data model.

Do you have any idea how to do that or any other suggestion




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Contributor III
Contributor III

I Solved it with the totals function!