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Calendar field not associated

If the calendar field is not associated with the field,how can I do that.fOr eg,if I  have 1 stat date field which will use in my calendar and i have other 4 date field i.e stat1 ,stat2,stat3 and while selecting date range from stat date field,how can affect the other 4 date field,.curr curre when I select date range from stat field ,I got blank output which means It is not affecting the 4 date field.i please  help.

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Champion III
Champion III

refer these post or post some sample data if you need help building the data model

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Vineeth Pujari
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But in my case ,there is only table and stat date field which is used in calendar is not in my report but it restricts data for stat1,stat2,stat3,and stat4 when we select how can I do this.