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Calendar not showing up as expected


I have attached a QVF example of what I mean.

I want to show my data in a bar graph dimensioned per week.

I have made a simple calendar that has every relevant day and data for week and month in it.

I show that week as dimension for my graph, but as soon as I filter on "Random_Letter", some weeks disappear if there is no data. 

The "include zero values" boxes are ticked under the week dimension and under the data handling tab.

How can I force those values to appear ?

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Re: Calendar not showing up as expected

Hello,  Just add the following to your expression

Sum(Random_Number)+ Sum({1}0)

I have tested with your data provided and it works in my case.( I have also used it in other projects 🙂 

BR, Angel Tomov


PS: Basically Sum({1}0) forces all dimensions with 0 value





Re: Calendar not showing up as expected

Thank you, that is really nice !

I have changed it a bit for the next level : 

I want my graph to have a stacked bar that goes up to a maximum, here it is 1000 or 1100 or 1200 depending on the letter. 

That means that I have a map with the max value applied to my data table, and I show my random number bar, with another bar showing the Maximum (I called "expected") - the random number so that they are aligned at the top.

Now when I filter on a letter, some bars are empty, and I'd like them to simply show the maximum.

I can't really write "+ Sum({1}1000)", for example, as that depends on the letter I'm filtering on.

Any idea ? Attached are demo files.