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Calendar table

Hi good afternoon. I build an application and within it has several folders. Each folder has some information and the period of occurrence. But this period is for each type of folder. So when I filter the month of a folder and right after I open another, that other one comes with the filter for selecting the information in the previous folder. So I understand that I need a calendar table that links the dates of different folders so that when I filter a month in one folder, in the other just filter the same month. Can anyone guide me how to build this?


For example, let's say a folder is the number of thefts per neighborhood. If I filter a particular month, only the neighborhoods that have been stolen will appear. If I simultaneously open a folder of this application that is amount of accidents by neighborhoods, will only appear the neighborhoods that had theft in the month selected in the other folder. But I do not want it. I want all accidents to appear in every neighborhood in the same month as the filter used in the other folder. What I thought was to put zero whenever there is no theft in a neighborhood, but it would be laborious because the spreadsheet comes ready and in case of absence the neighborhood does not appear that month.

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