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Can I go up on a Qlik Sense folder

Hi, I have an issue that might have no solution, but still I have to ask. I have the following fodler structure:








I have a folder (i.e. QSFolder) with a defined path (C:/Desktop/QDF/IncludeFilesA) so I use it as a variable on the script includes:

vQSFolder = 'lib://QSFolder';


That works fine, but the problem is that inside that include I have another includes that I need to load:


So the problem is that vQSFolder is pointing to C:/Desktop/QDF/IncludeFilesA and the pathConfig.qvs is one level up on the folder structure. I know an evident solution is to put the pathConfig.qvs file at the same level of the root folder, but that's not possible due to the replication folder structure we want to achieve. So the question is if there's some way to have something like this:


That as far as I know it's not possible to use relative paths when you are using lib, so if someone knows how to achieve the same behaviour I'll be very thankful.

Hope it's clear enough.