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Can I hide table fields?

Is there a way to hide table column fields?

For example, I have a product's currency conversion rate, I don't want to show that to end users.

I just need to use it in a calculation and I'll show the resulting measure to the end users.  (Can't have them seeing a rate then trying to aggregate on it or getting confused, etc...)

Is there a way to hide that field from view but still make it available for myself when building measures?


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add a prefix to your fields, in other words rename them something like below and add a hide prefix in script.

SET hideprefix ='%';

Rename FIELD to [%FIELD];

or you could alias on the load statement.

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Can I hide and un-hide as wanted?

That is to say, I go to do some development work and need to un-hide a filed, if I re-hide it later will that break any measures that reference it due to the name of the field itself changing?


It does have a potential of breaking your expressions. So I would not hide/re-hide things. May be leave them unhidden during the development phase and then hide them once you are ready to publish them?

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Now how do I handle that?

I finish building, I make 10 measures that reference some hidden fields that are not yet hidden.

Now I go to my fields, make then hidden and reload... do my 10 measures break?

Do they ask me to remap or do I have to edit all 10 by hand to add the hidden prefix to the field reference?

Just not sure how Qlik Sense responds and how to best resolve the issue.



What do you mean by hide and unhide,

If your are developing a visualistion , so what you visualize will be unhidden and visual to end user

It will not be visual until you view it your self ?