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Can I set a dimension to hide null values by default?

There are a few dimensions in my app that contain null values and in almost all circumstances we want to hide nulls in visualizations.

Is there any way I can set it up so that when a user adds a particular dimension to a visualization, the "Show null values" checkbox is cleared by default? (Excluding those records from our data feed altogether is not feasible.)

A specific example, if it helps:

We produce a mobile app, in which users can look at various resources. We track their activity and in Qlik we want to list these resources together with how many times each one was viewed, how much time was spent looking at it in total, etc. There are null records, which represent time spent in the app not looking at any resources (whilst navigating menus, etc.) Very nearly all the time, people aren't interested in the null record and including it can really skew the stats. It's a bit of a drag to have to exclude it every time, and some of our users will probably forget or find it a daunting prospect to delve deep enough to change the setting. How can we ensure nulls are excluded by default as soon as the dimension is added to a visualization?


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Re: Can I set a dimension to hide null values by default?

In UI apart from 'Chart Properties dialog box' I don't think it's possible to restrict anywhere.

But you can get rid off null values at script level itself.