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Contributor II
Contributor II

Can not connect to qlik Hub using a DNS name.

My Qlik Sense 3.0 is hosted in AWS. When i am using 'https://MyIPaddess/hub/' I can connect to qlik hub, access my dashboard made public from anyone as expected. Recently I have created a DNS name and mapped this IP address to this DNS name.I can easily route to my DNS name and I can even login to Qlik. But at the time getting into the Qlik HUB, I am getting an error 'An Error Occured'. I can not proceed from there. Can anyone please help me overcome this issue.

Please see attached screenshots.



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Did you add the DNS name to the white list in the virtual proxy in the QMC?

Contributor II
Contributor II

yes, i have tried it too. but this did not work.


I assume you can connect to the qmc no issues.

All stabs in the dark

What does your security group look like in AWS.

This looks like an issue I had with websockets - ours being traffic being blocked as I only allowed https traffic.   How have you set up your domain routing - we did through route 53 and ELB. 

also check your domain name used "dashboard.sunandaei.org" is in the whitelist