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Can someone explain the difference between Qlik Sense and QlikView?

I do not understand why this tool was launched in parallel to QlikView in the name Self BI.

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Re: Sense....Worst BI tool ever developed

Actually, Sense won couple of Awards:


If you moving from View to Sense is hard to understand why...

If you new to BI you are pleased that your users/employees have the ability to create analytics without very large knowledge.

Is SelfBI as is using drag and drop approach to interact with data.

Pure Desktop applications become outdated that's why Sense comes into play...


Re: Sense....Worst BI tool ever developed

Thanks Sir.

I am a follower of Qlik and QlikView and working on QlikView for past 5 years. I enjoyed  working in QlikView and found it most advanced, robust BI tool as compared to other BI and tools.

But sorry to say sir, working in Sense is very annoying for a developer who  has worked in QlikView before. It is entirely based on extensions and lacks of numerous number of features.

Qlik is promising that it will incorporate the features in coming years but those features but i think it would be hard to incorporate those as it is Display size independent tool.

I have heard that QlikView is going to be decommissioned after some time.

Request you to please correct if i am wrong.

Re: Sense....Worst BI tool ever developed

Sense needs different set of skills (HTML,JS, CSS)

and you can achieve similar results that in QV.

Is the choice Qlik took if you like or not.

QlikView will be still supported for some time.

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Re: Sense....Worst BI tool ever developed


I am surprised to see the discussion that Qlikview will be replaced by Sense.

In my mind, I thought QV will exist parallel with QS. And my next plan for the BI solution is to use QV for develop and internal usage, and QS for external, like for clients, and for internal usage of simple analytics usage.

And if one day QS  can really be developed as convenient as QV, then I do not mind to totally move to QS, but I believe it will still take a little bit long time.


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Re: Sense....Worst BI tool ever developed

Dear Chetann, Please change the post title, it is hurting me.

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Re: Sense....Worst BI tool ever developed

As a Developer I totally understand the frustration. But I hope with each release they will fix those issues which will be helpful for Developers and hope we'll not depend on extensions totally. Surprisingly we do not have big issues in Qlik Sense but only UI related issues (coloring, labeling, sorting etc...)

Qlikview v12 Vs Qlik Sense 3.1

They getting there..... but again the users are quite happy because they only know UI part and Sense has Self serve option. One of the biggest reasons it is good for users and for developers it is hard way to learn.

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Re: Sense....Worst BI tool ever developed

It sounds like an passionate title,

Take a look to the world's largest survey and what it says about Qlik Sense.


And then, think twice if it's really the worst BI tool...

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Re: Sense....Worst BI tool ever developed


As you've mentioned, you've been working with QlikView for 5 years, so you've started around the time when QV v.10 was released, correct? So, QV was pretty mature product back then....

QS was released just three years ago and (of course) is going through "growing up" issues right now...

Yes, a lot of things in QS are not working the same way as in QV, but there are several features in QS that simply impossible in QV (automatic screen resolution adjustment, auto data refresh after reload, extensions flexibility, etc)

Yes, QS extensions' development require more (and different) skills, but the possibility and flexibility are endless!

I think Qlik have selected completely right approach with QS (using open architecture and APIs) so they will be very successful with this new product. 

And do not worry, they will keep QV on the market for a while, but I would strongly suggest about start migrating to QS at some point in the near future....



Re: Qlik Sense needs more and more improvement...

Thanks Vladimir,

I agree with your point that it will take time to reach that level, but my point is QlikView should not be decommissioned as it also very flexible tool.

The only demerit of View is that i cant adjust according to the screen size. It also provided self BI at the access point level. A business user can create custom dashboards dynamically.Sense on other side requires expertise in JS,CSS,HTML.

It would be great if both the tools exist in parallel in coming future as well.

QlikView :       For Guided Analytics for middle level management (Complex and Advanced Dashboards)

Qlik Sense:     For Dashboards at CXO level (Basic Dashboards)