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Can't connect with Domain user to Qlik Sense Server


I am new to Qlik Sense, have not read the whole documentation so bear with me.

I have a standalone (on a not domain join server) Qlik Sense Server 2.1.1

I can log in to the QMC with local user account.

I have set up active directory connections and have loaded users from the domain.

When I try to log in to the QMC with the company\user1 and password it letting me in.

I mean I not getting any error, just every time I time the username and passowrd and hit ok that windows pop up window appear again.

I've tried forward and backward slashes, just username without the domain name, different users ... no luck.

The domain user I am trying to log in, I have allocate a license in License and tokens -> User access allocations

Also I have created Login access rule to allow that user to log in, I mean not that user specifically but all the domain admins to be able to log in and I am trying to log in with domain admin account.

I have not changed the authentication, its Windows. I have tried with Forms, it did not work so I revert it back.

This should be a straight forward process, but I've spend one day tying to log in with domain account and no luck so far.

Do I need to join the QlikSense server to our domain? Will that make any difference?

Hope somebody can help me out.


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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi p2pqlikadmin

Did you put this specific user to the root admin role in QMC ?

In the Qlik Sense windows services did you put a local user or a domain user acount ?


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I tried all that and it did not work.

What I end up doing is installing qlik sense in a domain environment.

Once I've done that everything works fine.

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi, after you put the Server into the domain there weren´t any issue with certificates or something? We have a Sense Server outside domain and want to put it into a Domain but not sure if this could cause a problem.

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There should be no issues as you are using certificate thumbprint and that doesn't change with joining to a domain