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Can we change the font size, format, color of text in qliksense

Can we change the font size, format, color of text in title, subtitle or the string in the KPI text box in qlik sense?

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You can Change it in Default setting of KPI Properties whatever available.

for more formatting options,

you can try this extension Qlik Branch .

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Thanks! I was looking for some solution without extn. I will try.


if you want it without xtension then there is one way of changing themes..

But changing theme will be applicable to all charts..

I doubt it is possible to change for only one chart..


More Qlik Sense Themes (updated with 3.1.2)


I hope this will be helpful..


It is possible only for Text object, for other objects it's not. Font size will adjust automatically according to the screen size. You can change the font size of the whole app by editing the javascript file of theme.

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Thanks Mamta! Thank you all