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Can we hide Sheet title in qlik sense?

Hi folks,

Can any tell how to hide Sheet title in qlik sense. Is it possible?



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi, Maybe change color for text



There is no way till this time instead of Change the color. You may got answer go and close the thread

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Hi Vandith,

You can have total control over the loop of a Sense app, by building a mash-up in the Dev-Hub, or by creating the right HTML, CSS and JS files.  You gain a lot of control by doing this, but lose some functionality in the process.

A simpler way of adding Sense objects to a page without the rest of the Sense paraphernalia on the screen is with the Single Configuration.  Again found in the Dev Hub this generates snippets for you that you can embed in a web page.

I have blogged on this use of this here:

The way you go about this will depend entirely on what your requirement is.  If it is purely to lose the title and keep all other Sense functionlaity; then the changing of the font colour suggested by vandith123‌ would seem to be the best bet.

Hope that helps,


Creator II
Creator II

Single-configurator drops title itself... And it seems you have no way to get it if you want it...

Creator III
Creator III

Add "Space" into Title Expression

=' '


Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

The whole point of the single configurator is that you build the web page around the components you drop onto that page.  You can then use JavaScript or similar to show and hide things at will.


You can do this with this SimpleFieldSelect -extension:!/project/598c6b041cfdc8bde4c49def

Only downside is that you just have to use the extension for something on that page and choose "Hide sheet title" from the Global modifications -section.