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Cannot access app in iFrame after upgrade to Feb 2019

Hi guys,

We access our Qlik Sense app in an iFrame element embedded in our web app. The URL to the app is something like:


This worked fine before we upgraded to Feb 2019. Now, we get a 404 Not Found on this resource:

Request URL: http://host/proxy/resources/chunks/views/dataloadeditor/dataloadeditor~views/sheet/sheet~views/storytelling/storytelling.a16b100dcf0138b0614b.js

I checked and confirmed that the resource is actually located on the Qlik server, but is for some reason not served.


When we try and use the Single version instead (created in the Single configurator):


Some of the app works, but we get a 404 on the following resource instead:

Request URL: http://host/proxy/resources/chunks/extensions/qliktech/pivot-table~extensions/qliktech/straight-table.1a4843b8140e208e78fa.js

Line charts show up, but our pivot table does not. Once again, I have checked and confirmed that the resource is actually located on the server, but not served for some reason.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?


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