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Cannot open Hub from server or other machine

Hi community,
I have installed qlik sense server 2.1 on a server machine. I can open management console from the server but if i try to open the hub its pops a error saying  "connection lost. make sure that Qlik sense is running properly". I'm getting this error on both server and from different machine.
For this I changed the browser and tried , uninstalled and installed the Qlik sense server, referred to some questions on community and tried with the internet settings but nothing went in favor. so is there anything I can do to get it fixed.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Cannot open Hub from server or other machine

Did you try adding the hostname, IP address, machine name to the Virtual proxy white list?

http://help.qlik.com/sense/2.1/en-US/online/#../Subsystems/ManagementConsole/Content/edit-virtual-pr... list

Also, make sure that the user who is trying to login has a license allocated.


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Re: Cannot open Hub from server or other machine

HI Asim,
Thank you for you reply. I have the license and I'm the root user  but sense 2.1 is not showing up the virtual proxy white list in the proxies in management console. it is just showing the logging details port numbers and all but not the white list.

Thank you


Re: Cannot open Hub from server or other machine

Make sure you are testing with a supported browser, IE10+ or a current version of FF and Chrome.

Sometimes your server installation will ship with IE9 which does not support websockets.

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