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Cards! New extension released on Qlik Branch

New extension released on Qlik Branch

KF-Cards Qlik Sense Extension

Great for top lists.


Responsiv design, and selections enabled, incl swipe select.


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Master II
Master II

Nice work Karl

Are there any suggested limits on types of images?

On select does it just apply a filter to the selected value or does it populate a variable for use elsewhere and a goto function.

I'm thinking if I had a Product in my top 10 clicking on it Id probably want to go to a detail report/sheet and filter on selected.

What do you see the selection used for?

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‌The image dimension takes an URL to to the image. All images your browser can display.

The first dimension is the unique id of the card and that field gets the selection. I use EAN for product toplists.

No goto functionality, I usally use the extension on dashboards with supporting charts Or displaying top list for different time periods or product segments.

A goto function could be useful for a right click menu, but not on selection in my opinion. But I don't know if adding functions to the right click menu is possible with the api.

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‌a detail/report Sheet is only 2 clicks away

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MVP & Luminary


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