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Change ports for Sense before/at Installation


I get an error and it seems it's because ports 80, 443 and others are already in use in the machine.

Is there a way to specify which ports to use before (or when) installing Qlik Sense?

More info:

The error doesn't say much, and tells me to check the log. That says: " (s) (84:9C) [13:02:50:489]: Product: PostgreSQL -- Installation failed."

I tried a few times removing Qlik folder and PackageCache Folder from ProgramData but I got the same error.

Later I tried installing the newset version (reales today?) from this Month and got the same error, but at the start I got a helpful message about the ports.

I attach the log file from the two different versions.

Important PS: Yes I know Sense should be installed in a dedicated server, but we need to Install it just a moment in that server and not remove anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

another ps: Almost all community places are called "QlikView something"... There's only one Place for sense, and it's "New to Qlik Sense", sorry if it has to be placed elsewhere. Thanks!