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Change properties of existing visualization objects on button click

I want to create an extension e.g. a butoon. That is no problem. I can add some JavaScript code that affects the extension itself when I am clicking on the button.

But is it also possible to affect any other existing visualization object (e.g. table or chart) with clicking on the button?

For example: I want to change the size of a table by clicking on the button. Or the background color of a chart.

I now how to get the model of any visualization object with this method: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/September2017/Subsystems/APIs/Content/CapabilityAPIs/AppA...

And I can change the model. But how can I display the changes I made?

qlik.app.getObject(elem, id, options)

For that I think I need the html element id to call the paint method to display all changes I made. But I dont have the html element id.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Best regards!