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Changes at third time selection of quarter

I have four columns, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and the data which changes according to the quarter selected along with showing the comparison between the values of previous selected quarter and the current selected quarter.

If the value in current selected quarter is less then the previous selected quarter then the color of the text changes to red else green.

Now I want is that initially(When no quarter is selected) my text color should be none and on selecting the quarter first time also the text color should not change, While on selecting the quarter second time my text color should change and should show the comparison between the values.

Kindly help...

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Re: Changes at third time selection of quarter

Hello! Sounds like you could use GetSelectedCount‌‌‌ for the color expression, e.g. something like:

If(GetSelectedCount(Quarter) > 1, Your color expression, White())

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