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Changing filter for a single visualization

I have a single slide that has three visualizations on it. They are identical but I’d like to view different fiscal years. The problem is that when I change the fiscal year on one, it changes on all three visualizations. I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed.


2019-03-19 I've discovered I'm having the same problem when the three visualizations are on different slides as well.  I've read a little about "Alternative States" and we will get the version of Quik Sense which has this in a few months.  Will that be an easier way to solve this problem?  ~ John

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If you want to ignore a filter in Qlik Sense  you could try using set analysis in your expression.


if you want to ignore selections for the dimension called Year in a sum function for a measure called quantity then the function would be  Sum( {$<Year=>} Quantity )



You need to use set analysis to fix a fiscal year for each. Change your expressions to something like below
chart 1 Sum({< FiscalYear= {'2018'}> }Measure)
chart 2 Sum({< FiscalYear= {'2017'}> }Measure)