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Changing same field value in multiple tables using loop

Hi Folks,


Actually I'm looking for a solution i.e I'm extracting data from sales-force  and storing it in qvd through loop


Let vFiles = NoOfRows('Files');

SUB FullDataExtract

For i = 0 to (vFiles - 1)

LET vLoad = upper(peek('Load', $(i), 'Files'));

if vLoad = 'Y' then

LET vSourceObject = peek('Source Object', i, 'Files');
LET vStoreFile = Peek('Store File', i, 'Files');

SET vStoreFile = $(vStoreFile).qvd ;

//**************** Query full base data from Salesforce data and Store into QVD********************\\

FROM $(vSourceObject);

Store $(vSourceObject) into [$(vRawDataDir)$(vStoreFile)];
Drop Table $(vSourceObject);

//**************** Query full base data from Sales-force data and Store into QVD********************\\

end if
Next i

End SUB;

So the main question is while extracting, some fields are having values in Boolean format like (false and true) which I want to convert into  no and yes for Ex : field 'IsDeleted'  containing false and true whereas some other fields are also having same fields so how do i change that field while saving it into qvd .

please Help me ASAP