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Changing uploaded data on a qvd

Dear, Good morning.

I am fairly new to the world of Qlik Sense but I am making progress in creating some QVDs and I have a doubt that I am not being able to solve and I hope you can help me if possible.

I have a QVD which has the Invoiced Patient data, for example, the example fields are:

PROTOCOL (Primary key),




It is very possible that the Billing performed or associated with the Patients is done wrong (therefore in the data source is also wrong), I need to find a way to only modify the data of AMOUNT in the QVD.

As an example, this month has been erroneously invoiced to a patient a value of $16000, when in fact it is $1600. I must be able to ONLY show the value of $1600 and only that data.

The idea is not to modify the data from the database, only modify the data displayed on the board.

Thank you in advance and I hope to have been clear.


Leandro Acosta

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Re: Changing uploaded data on a qvd

Hello Leandro,

Trust that you are keeping well!

As per my under standing, source system had incorrect invoice amounts, so in the generated QVD and in the dashboard. Now, user has corrected the source data and you want to corrected values on Dashboard. If dashboard is referring data from QVDs then you must have to correct the QVD data by performing Incremental Load (Insert + Update Only). If your dashboard is referring data from Source application directly then just reload the application and you are ready to go.

Hope this will be helpful.


Incremental load for beginner with example

Incremental Load



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Re: Changing uploaded data on a qvd

Rahul Pawar, First, thanks for the quick response.

But the user does not modify the data in the database, therefore, in the database the data is incorrect and it will keep like tha(wrong). For this reason, I would like for example through an Excel, change or make an update of the AMOUNT data, keeping all the previous data from the others fields. Therefore and in summary, i should only be able to load in an excel the correct value of amount and that this applies in the qvd.

I hope i have been clear.

Thank you!

Leandro Acosta

Re: Changing uploaded data on a qvd

The idea is not to modify the data from the database, only modify the data displayed on the board.

In other words hide the error and let everyone believe nothing is wrong so no action is ever taken to correct the error. You'll end up with a system no one will believe anymore because it shows fairy tale data and you spend more and more time hiding more and more errors.

If you really want to change the data in the qvd then load the data, change the values you want to change in the script and finally store the resulting table with doctored data again in a qvd file.

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Re: Changing uploaded data on a qvd

You can change the amounts using a mapping file. I strongly suggest you keep the original amounts in the data so you can clearly demonstrate and summarize what has been changed. Something like:



LOAD PROTOCOL, AdjustedAmout

FROM your adjustment.execl.xls;





AMOUNT as OriginalAmount,

ApplyMap('AmountMap', PROTOCOL, AMOUNT) as AMOUNT

FROM your.qvd;




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