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Specialist II
Specialist II

Character's limit to write the Expresssion in Qliksense

Hi Guys,

I am facing few new challenge in Qliksense while writing the Expressions in Qliksense

1= I am not able to write the lengthy expression, reason facing the Character limit issue. After one limit not able to write the expressions.

2= Variables not working properly


a = Recent issue is , i have one condition ,

if( sum(Value) >  ( stock-  ( $(Variable1) - $(Variable2) ),1,0)

     this simple logic is not working, Reason i seen in this is  ($(Variable1) - $(Variable2) returning me Null.

Example2 = $(Stock)- ($(D1)  + $(D2)  + $(D3)  ) = output = null or invalid

$(Stock)- $(D1)  - $(D2)  - $(D3)   = output = Getting proper output, But according to me both condition should work.


SET vTest = 1+2;

If I use $(vTest) it will return 3.

But if I use ($(vTest)) it will return Null.

Pls suggest.. Any input on this will be appreaciated



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Better then using simple additions or subtractions from values is to use a range-function like rangesum() which has the advantage that invalid parameters will be treated as 0 and not returning NULL for the whole expression. Regarding to your variablen approach have a look here: Variables

- Marcus

Master II
Master II

Hi Abhay,

Have more complex expressions in the front end will reduce the performance of the application. Is it not possible to replicate the logic in the load script instead?



Specialist II
Specialist II

No, actually all are need to be calculate on the front end by selections.